How do I order?

I upload a bunch of ready to personalise pieces once a fortnight onto the website. You then purchase one of these and pop the name you would like in the personalisation box.

Can I reserve a cardi I have seen on your Instagram?

In short, No. The fairest way to sell the cardis is to upload them all at the same time.

I have seen a cardi on your Instagram, can I order one of those?

Unfortunately, the majority of the cardis are one off unique pieces meaning I wont be able to get to same again. However, there are a few styles of cardis that I do get repeats of in a different range of colours. These will be uploaded in the drops as and when I receive them, there will always be a preview of the cardis being uploaded on my Instagram stories that same day.

Can I have any name on the back of the cardi?

Yes, you choose the name completely, this can be a first name, second name,nickname or not a name at all, it could be something similar to ‘I am 1’ for a first birthday. However, you must be mindful of the size of the cardi, if you have purchased a 0-3 month and want an 11 letter name, this simply will not fit.

Do you take custom orders?

Unfortunately not, as I don’t knit the actual cardis. I do however offer a send in service if you have something you already have, these spaces will be listed on my products list, this will show as sold out when capacity is full for the send in service.